Absorbents for your industry

Hygiene – Meat pads – Filter material – Wound treatment – Incontinence – Clothing – Furniture – Dental products – Agricultural absorbents

New product – One side passive pads

Production of specialized absorbents

Airlaid ApS is a Danish manufacturing business in the absorbents industry. We are able to accommodate most specialized requirements your company might encounter. We are experienced in the production of a wide range of absorbent materials.

    • Hygiene
    • Meat pads
    • Filter materials
    • Wound treatment
    • Incontinence
    • Clothing parts
    • Furniture parts
    • Dental products
    • Agricultural absorbents

Selected products

Development or co-development

Airlaid ApS offers the development or co-development of new absorbents specialized for products and production lines to any potential client.

When developing new and exciting products for, or in cooperation with your RD department, your business will benefit from our extensive knowledge and decades of hands-on experience within the absorbent industry.

Since many years, Airlaid ApS’ staff have a close collaboration within this industry segment, which benefits any development process you might wish to commence together with Airlaid ApS.